GULF ACS Objectives





█  To Describe a comprehensive view (E.R/In-patient/Out-patient) of the current diagnostic & treatment strategies for patients with ACS


█  To Identify opportunities to improve the quality of care for patients with ACS:

■ Produce cardiac care Report cards and Critical pathways for hospitals.

■ Test usefulness of cardiac care Report cards and Critical pathways in improving the quality of cardiac care.





█  To create a permanent database tool for continuous quality measurement useful to both country-wide studies and to individual hospitals seeking to improve quality of care & allow comparison with local and national practice patterns (i.e: NOT how to choose a hospital when seeking cardiac care since the involved hospitals will be kept anonymous in the publication process).


█  To evaluate practice trends in the proper use of old &/or new tests & therapies, & encourage use of those with clear evidence and thus raise the standard of care & reduce the gap between guidelines and “real-life” practice.


█  To assess short term (1 month) and long term (1 year) morbidity and mortality of ACS patients, in addition to their compliance with proven medical therapies.

█  To evaluate the prevalence of “Not ACS” patients who were thought to be “ACS” and required hospital admission, and assessment of the clinical features and in-hospital outcomes between the 2 groups.


█  To foster collaborative interaction with other cardiovascular outcome assessment projects


█  To Develop hypotheses for future clinical research

█  To Increase public awareness of ACS management and outcome in our Arabian Gulf region compared to other countries.



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